Become one of the Awardees at LRS Excellence Award 7.0

The LRS Excellence Award stands as an annual testament to the remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions of individuals who have left an indelible mark on various sectors of the country’s economy.

With an extravagant display of glitz and glamour, this prestigious event serves as a platform to present awards to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals for their achievements and contributions to the different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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Award Categories

The LRS Excellence Awards boast an impressive array of categories, each designed to recognize and celebrate excellence in different sectors.

The award categories cut across the following sectors;

Acknowledging pioneers and innovators who drive technological advancements, shaping the future of Nigeria.

Hospitality & Tourism:
We recognize those who contribute significantly to the growth and enhancement of hospitality and tourism sectors.

Honoring individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the healthcare industry, fostering a healthier nation.

Spotlighting leaders whose visionary governance has positively impacted the nation’s development and progress.

Commending educators and institutions for their commitment to knowledge dissemination and academic excellence.

Celebrating the unsung heroes of agriculture, whose efforts play a crucial role in the nation’s food security.

Recognizing financial experts and institutions that drive economic growth and stability.

Fashion & Lifestyle:
Showcasing trendsetters who contribute significantly to Nigerian fashion and lifestyle.

Real Estate:
Highlighting individuals and entities that shape the landscape of real estate, building the foundations for thriving communities.

Social Development:
Applauding champions of social causes and community development, making a positive impact on the lives of Nigerians.


The nomination portal opens for a stipulated time frame that will be announced to the public, where individuals can send in their nominations by themself or by others.


  • Nominees must have made significant contributions to the sector they are being nominated in
  • Nominees may be nominated by themself or others.
  • Nominations must include a letter of nomination outlining the nominee’s qualifications and a CV or resume detailing the nominee’s accomplishments

The LRS Excellence Award will be presented at the LRS 7.0 award and gala night coming up on 24th, February 2024

We encourage everyone to put in a nomination for the award as long as they feel deserving of it.

You can nominate here:


PS: Do not pay anyone for this award as it is totally free and GLI does not charge anyone for winning awards.

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