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About GLI

Whether you run a well-established and successful company or are just starting out, having a solid plan in place is a crucial building block for a successful business.

We do not only strategize but also help in the execution process and ultimately in the sustainability. We employ a multi-channel approach to enhancing development in people by harnessing interactions via the web, social media, trainings, seminars and personal coaching.

What We Do

GLI specializes in helping to develop business ideas, execution of business ideas, improving failing businesses and overall improvement of business strategies.


The business plan is the basis for starting up your company and your investment package.


The business plan is the basis for starting up your company and your investment package.


How well your organization is positioned to implement a strategic direction is just as critical as having a strategic direction in the first place.


GLI Talent Strategy Consulting solutions take an integrated approach to your existing hiring process to design a fully customized hiring process that meets all your needs and talent objectives.


We deliver and oversee the training of individuals or groups of employees, compiling and present information to management for adequate human resource planning.


We offer other consulting services that ensure your business fulfills its potential

Our mission

We are committed to raising the awareness about the importance of good leadership in every sphere of life and we will continue to help build true leaders in the society through our seminars, trainings and coaching plan.

We have plans to work with people from all walks of life as long as they are ready to change the world. The list below offers an insight into it:

  • – Audience: students, entrepreneurs, corporate workers, civil service employees, politicians.
  • – Clients: corporate entities; companies & religious organizations and individuals.
  • – Stakeholders: trainers, consultants, schools

Our Smart Approach

The method we employ takes a holistic approach to exhaustively study every possible ways to improve the productivity of a business and to allow for sustainable growth. We help to identify areas where it is performing well, areas where the business is underperforming, and we:


  • – Simplify through the elimination of unprofitable activities
  • – Focus on a few key drivers of improvement
  • – Compare performances of different market segments
  • – Attract and retain quality, high customers
  • – Cut expenses without sacrificing quality


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Our CEO Message

Consultancy firms target company executives and provide them with consultants.

Most people including executives, business owners often see consulting as mere giving advice, but consulting is usually much more than that. For many the ideal of owing a business, being your own boss and managing an organization is alluring or enticing. Unfortunately, the road to success in business is often paved with many perils. To executives and business owners, consultants are seen as prolonging their assignment while on the other hand consultants sees them as people that are short sighted and lacking the necessary knowledge to make important decisions.

However, if mangers and the consultants can work together as partners in resolving organizations problems a greater result will be achieved in a short distant time. Every year most organization are faced with hard times as a result of poor implementation of organizational goals and recommendations.

This organization is set up to use management consulting approach in solving the prevailing problems.

We look forward to working with your idea, organization and institution in creating a profitable and sustainable system

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